You're more than welcome in our clubhouse! In winter, it is nice and warm and in summer we provide refreshing beverages in a cool environment. Whether you're about to play tennis or just finished a game, had a nice stroll around the Bosjes van Pex, or if you're waiting for your children's tennis class, we offer all kinds of drinks and snacks for your convenience.


In addition, there are several facilties for the tennis player: dressing rooms with showers and restrooms, sportsdrinks at the bar, a band aid in case of an emergency and a fast restringing service for a broken string. 


It is also possible to have a snack or order plateservice. At restaurant news you will find our menu and specials. During the weekend, our clubhouse serves as an excellent location for parties and events with a sporty twist, or barbecue tennis. For more information, please call Richard de Vries at 070-323 8000.


Free WiFi is available at our clubhouse and on our sunny terrace for all guests.