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Haagse Tennis Vereniging Hanenburg

A cosy and welcoming club
HTV Hanenburg is a mid-size tennis club with around 300 members. Our skills levels vary from beginner to competitive competition players. Our priority is always to have fun and create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. If you'd like to come and try out, please contact Nathalie Nuiten for the possibilities Children can also have a look on Wednesday afternoons from 14:00-16:00 hrs, or contact Anouk van der Wal at
Our season runs from the beginning of April till mid December. We organise many activities for our members, such as toss mornings and evenings, tournaments for fun and more serious tournaments like the Club Championships. Furthermore, we organise exchanges with other tennis clubs, and we participate in the official KNLTB competition. Special theme nights with food, drinks, music and fun are always very well received by our members.
Our youth section De Jeugd van Hanenburg is also very active. Children are acquainted with the tennis sport in many ways. In addition to learning how to play at the tennis school, we offer many opportunties to practice their skills, play competition, participate in fun tournaments and open tournaments at other clubs, and of course measure your level with others in the Club Championships.
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How do I join?
Please complete an application form which are available in the clubhouse or find them on our website and send the completed form and a passport photo to:  
Administratie HTV Hanenburg 
Zonnebloemstraat 62 
2565 RZ ‘s-Gravenhage
For questions about registration, please contact Louise ten Hoorn at


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